Saturday, September 10, 2016

Unrelated to technology and programming...

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Typing Stats
Words Per Minute (WPM): 86
Characters Per Minute (CPM): 432
Fastest Finger: Left Index
Slowest Finger: Left Ring
Word Accuracy: 100%
Language: English
Letter Casing: Mixed
Keyboard Layout: QWERTY
Test Duration: 30 Seconds
Stats From PAT or JK's Typing Speed Test

Average Finger Response Time
Left Pinky: 138 Milliseconds
Left Ring: 343 Milliseconds
Left Middle: 122 Milliseconds
Left Index: 112 Milliseconds
Right Index: 144 Milliseconds
Right Middle: 118 Milliseconds
Right Ring: 154 Milliseconds
Right Pinky: 177 Milliseconds
Thumb(s): 114 Milliseconds
Stats From PAT or JK's Typing Speed Test